Turkey’s Muslims Take on Atatürk Statues

In Turkey Atatürk is everywhere. Streets, airports, public spaces and institutions are named after the man himself, an atheist and alleged Dönmeh who abolished the Ottoman Empire & sought to replace Islam with his militant secularism in post-WWI Turkey. Imams defying Atatürk were executed, as were countless laymen. Atatürk scorned Islam as a “political instrument” that […]

Marxism and the Fall of the Ottoman Khilafah: The curious case of Alexander Israel Helphand

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1867 -1923 Sometimes called a real life James Bond and described by his biographer as the Merchant of Revolution and at various points in his life an Undesirable Eastern Immigrant in the heart of the West, Marxist Intellectual, Starving Journalist, Theater Producer, Millionaire (Billionaire in modern terms) Capitalist arms dealer,…

CAGE Director Loses Privacy Case #WeAreAllRabbani

CAGE director Muhammad Rabbani has lost his legal case in his effort to protect the confidential data of a survivor of torture. Rabbani, from London, leads the advocacy group CAGE in investigating torture and abuse cases. He was stopped at Heathrow in November 2016 as he returned from the Gulf where he had been investigating […]

Are Azeri Shi’ites Becoming a Minority?

Azeri social media is abuzz with the possibility that Azerbaijan could go from majority Shi’ite to majority Sunni, at least culturally – some even suggest Baku wants this to happen. In an article published recently, Ali Abbasov of OnKavkaz network argues Baku is well aware of the tensions between Twelver Shi’ite Iran and the Muslim […]

Muslim-Christian Relations: Unrequited Tolerance

  It’s something I hear over and over from Christian women living in the west: “I’m not supposed to marry outside of my religion!” This happens again and again when the issue of marrying outside of Christianity (and especially Muslim men) comes up. I am amazed at this attitude. Firstly, would be so heinously wrong […]

German Man Deploys Machine Launching anti-Erdoğan Leaflets From Istanbul Hotel

Istanbul police have discovered a machine that printed and launched propaganda leaflets to provoke passers by against Turkish President Erdoğan in a hotel room booked by a German national close to Istanbul’s Taksim Square. Several hundred leaflets were seen being launched from 26-year-old Morius Sebastian Enden’s Gezi Park hotel room on Saturday morning. Hotel personnel […]