Notable Syrian Activsts Surrender to the Regime in a “Deal”

This post was directly put out via Qusai Zakarya’s managers at his Facebook page, blog, etc. Qusai, alongside other notable activists, has turned himself in to the Assad regime, a selfless act in an attempt to save the lives of the starving people of Moadamiya. Their lives are now directly in danger, as he is utterly at the regime’s mercy. Please share this post widely in an attempt to spread the word! If there is enough awareness, the Assad regime may think twice before harming themas they have harmed millions of other activists and innocents:
Yesterday, Qusai Zakarya and several other opposition leaders and activists from Moadamiya accepted the regime’s offer of a face to face meeting as part of a deal for them to be allowed to leave the besieged area. Moadamiya’s fifteen month siege has not allowed people in or out and not allowed the entry of food.
The local council has been eager to finalize a truce so that larger food supplies would be allowed in – some supplies had entered after the local council first signed a truce with the regime on December 26.
Qusai and other opposition leaders had initially opposed the truce and continued to call for breaking the siege. The regime then demanded that certain activists in Moadamiya leave as a condition of the truce. Due to increasing pressure from residents who want the food shipments, Qusai, along with other activists, yesterday agreed to leave Moadamiya for a meeting with government officials. Their safety was guaranteed by the regime as part of the deal.
Qusai ‘s group was taken to a hotel in central Damascus. They are waiting for a meeting tonight – presumably with officials from the Ministry of Reconciliation and the Fourth Armored Division Headquarters.
A member of Qusai’s Facebook team has spoken with him and is hopeful that negotiations will be productive and permit him safe passage out of Syria.”
Thank you for your help. May Gog bless and protect you Qusai, and may God protect Syria!
– The Radio Free Syria team.
Update: I called Mother Agnes-Mariam, an Assad regime nun, out on Twitter, telling her that I hold her directly responsible for the fate of my friend Qusai. She accuses me of spreading “rumours that are negative”, claiming that 1000 families were able to leave, and that the rebels were now “peacekeepers” there. In other words, they were starved into a submissive “truce” with the regime. Mother Agnes has clearly forgotten her role in luring hundreds of people into regime jails while promising that their safety would be guaranteed. Not to mention her links with Assad’s intelligence services…