Assad Approves New Chemical Attack on Jobar at Meeting With Top Security Officials, IRG: Report

#Assad plans yet more disgusting #chemical attacks against the people of #Syria…

Radio Free Syria

By Walid al-Ghanim 

08-04-2014: The Assad regime is reportedly planning another chemical weapons attack on the East Ghouta region of Damascus province in the near future, specifically on Jobar, according to a report from a credible regime insider who leaked information on the planned attack to the FSA. 

The regime insider reported that during a meeting held on Friday April 4th with senior regime security officials and senior officers from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which now controls the regime’s military strategy, Bashar al Assad discussed how best to halt the advance of the FSA in the East Ghouta area.

According to information supplied to the FSA by the regime insider, the decision to launch another chemical weapons attack on Jobar, considered the first line of contact with the regime-controlled areas of Damascus, was taken with the help of Iranian military experts in the use of chemical weapons…

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