Spineless Arab ‘Leaders’ Make More *Hollow* Promises to the Palestinians

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (left) and Bashar al-Assad (right). Both have worked with Israel for decades. Despite his professed ‘anti-Zionism’, and faux-‘resistance’, Assad’s regime has done under the counter deals with Israel for decades, and never fired a single shot to recover the Golan.

The news was broken recently on Middle East Monitor that unspecified Arab governments are ready to pay salaries to Palestinian workers. The reason why the salaries are needed is because ‘Israel’ has cut off the payments it would normally make to the Palestinian authority to pay the salaries of workers, as a result of the unity deal which was recently announced between Fatah and Hamas, prompting furious Israeli rhetoric. Via Middle East Monitor:

A number of Arab countries are ready to pay the wages of government employees in Gaza when the national unity government is formed, Hamas representative in Lebanon Ali Baraka said yesterday.

During a TV interview Baraka said: “When [senior Fatah official] Azzam Al-Ahmad came to Lebanon he said that Gaza employees will not go home. They will remain in their offices in the same way that Fatah employees will continue with their work and the new government will pay for all of them.”

Baraka said that the EU would not pay for Gaza employees because it considers them “terrorists” but some Arab countries would cover the costs instead.

The Hamas leader reiterated the importance of Arabic and Islamic support for the national unity government. He noted that Israel might launch a sudden offensive on the Gaza Strip or the West Bank under the pretext of fighting a “terrorist” government.

About tangible measures regarding the formation of the national government, Baraka said that Azzam Al-Ahmad and senior Hamas official Mousa Abu-Marzouk would discuss proposed names for the government in the upcoming meeting in Gaza and would set a date for announcing it.

Baraka stressed that negotiations with the Israeli occupation would not succeed without resistance and resistance needs national unity. “Therefore, we need to lay out a united plan to deal with the conflict with the Israeli occupation,” he said.

They may be waiting for a very long time. Arab leaders have previously made similar promises, and, true to form, failed to follow through.

The spineless Arab ‘leaders’ who have done under-the-counter deals with Israel for so long (that goes for all of them, from Assad and his father to King Abdullah of Jordan and his father, the UAE leaders, and so on), now allegedly want to throw a token amount of money to the suffering people. If they really wanted to help, they’d arm the Palestinians and send them billions. But nope. They’ve made similar promises before, and sometimes they haven’t even paid up! Sorry to diminish anyone’s hopes, but it really is the truth. Even Iran (which allegedly helps Palestinians) uses them only for propaganda, and sends them tacky hardware which has little to no value.

Have any of these guys (aside from those in Libya and Tunisia, currently going through a transition) ever genuinely represented anyone, or just themselves?

“The representatives of the Arabs deliver fiery speeches in the highest international forums, warning what the Arab state and peoples will do if this or that decision be enacted. Declarations fall like bombs from the mouths of officials at the meetings of the Arab League, but when action becomes necessary, the fire is still and quiet and steel and iron are rusted and twisted, quick to bend and disintegrate.” – Constantin_Zureiq

The only truly representative leader (not counting Tunisia and Libya, slowly trying to build fledgling democracies) was Morsi, elected democratically by the people. However, the US, Israel, and the other Arab dictatorships couldn’t have a successful Egypt, both on Israel’s borders and in their region, changing the status quo and threatening to upset the balance of tyranny and Israeli power in the region. Hence the US government’s endorsement of the coup, hence Israel’s close ties with the Sisi regime, and hence Sisi’s strong commitment to helping Israel to starve out the Palestinians in Gaza:

Meanwhile, Israel’s State Radio reported on Thursday that one of the main reasons prompting the US Senate’s agreement to provide $ 1.5 billion in aid to Egypt is their concern over the Camp David peace accords between Israel and Egypt. According to the radio “both the Israeli ambassador to Washington, Ron Demer and head of Israel’s National Security Council Yossi Cohen have played a central role in persuading US Congress leaders to resume US support for Egypt.” The radio said that both Demer and Cohen have frequently met with members of the Senate who were initially reluctant to resume the aid which breaches American law that prohibits aid to an authority that has ousted a democratically elected government.

According to the radio if it was not for the massive pressure from the pro- Israel lobby Israel would not have been able to convince Congress leaders to resume its aid to Egypt. They went on to say that Israel had used a study by the Directorate of the Military Intelligence (Aman) which reveals the grave risks resulting from the Muslim Brotherhood return to rule to convince its ally, the US, to resume aid.

If freedom is to be consolidated in the Middle East, not just in Palestine, but around the region (especially in Syria), then the Arab ‘leaders’ who have worked for so long to subvert their own peoples’ demands for freedom, to serve both foreign imperialists (in both the east and west, including in the Kremlin. It isn’t just imperialism when Obama does it) and themselves, must also be removed. The Arab world must cease to have to choose between puppets of Netanyahu, puppets of Putin, puppets of the Obama, and puppets of Khamenei and Rouhani.


  1. I welcome the revelation of your analysis of the situation the areas of the Middle East you are covering.

    Shukran wa Allah Hafiz for this work.


    • Shukran kteer my friend; I see it as my duty to do so, especially due to the levels of suffering that the people are enduring, as a result of their quest for freedom. Barukullah fik, thank you for taking the time to view my articles. I appreciate it, and it helps to spread the word about the reality on the ground as much as possible.


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