Germany’s RTL Network Confronts Shabiha With Evidence From My Site

Using print-outs from my website, RTL (one of Europe’s largest news outlets) confronted shabiha members about why they’re in Germany. Avo Khorozian and Muhamed Ahmed Tafankji (both featured on my website) are among them. Muhamed is living in Muhamed Patrick Henry Village (in Heidelberg). Avo is living in Belzig, Germany.

They also wanted to confront another member of the regime’s armed forces. However, he vanished before they could contact him.

Avo denied that he was part of the shabiha (despite the numerous photographs proving otherwise, lifted from his own profile) and Muhamed claimed he was only a “cafeteria worker” at the hospital, despite appearing in photographs in which he wore the same body disposal gloves as other soldiers tasked with disposing of the bodies of horrifically tortured regime victims. “In every war there are crimes” he remarked indifferently during a foll0w-up interview.

You can watch the full documentary (in German) here.

Avo Khorozian 3

Avo Khorozian, Syrian-Armenian accused of taking part in repression.

Muhamed Tafankji 2

Muhamed Ahmad Tafankji and friends.

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