German Man Deploys Machine Launching anti-Erdoğan Leaflets From Istanbul Hotel

Istanbul police have discovered a machine that printed and launched propaganda leaflets to provoke passers by against Turkish President Erdoğan in a hotel room booked by a German national close to Istanbul’s Taksim Square.

Several hundred leaflets were seen being launched from 26-year-old Morius Sebastian Enden’s Gezi Park hotel room on Saturday morning.

Hotel personnel notified the police. Officers entered Enden’s room, only to discover an automated machine/printer that received remote instructions through the internet to print and launch leaflets from the window.

The police claim the system used a “specially built remote control”.

Foreign subversion in Turkey 1
The machine deployed on the windowsill.

Enden hasn’t been seen since leaving his hotel on Friday.

The leaflets claims the effort was financed by the German Federal Government. They call on people to riot against the (elected) “dictatorship” before the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) Chairman Kılıçdaroğlu’s march reaches Istanbul.

It’s claimed that Enden has fled to Germany on an early morning flight. Unconfirmed rumours on social media claim Enden is a “Nazi”.

Foreign subversion in Turkey 2
Enden’s German ID card.

This incident comes in the wake of several revelations of foreign interference in Turkey’s domestic affairs, including the revelation that the UAE funded Taksim Square protests to destabilise the Turkish government.

It also comes during German attempts to block Erdoğan’s G20 rally in Hamburg during the 7-8 July – despite the numerous  PKK* rallies held around Germany and Europe.*

Germany has also attempted to stop the Turkish government picking certain bodyguards to accompany Erdoğan to the G20 summit in the wake of the scuffle outside the Washington residence of the Turkish ambassador between Erdoğan’s detail and several PKK supporters.

“I think Turkey is right when it warns us and says we should not allow the PKK to carry out propaganda activities in public,” said German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel.

“I also think that it is unacceptable to ban public appearances of Turkish politicians, but at the same time [we] allow posters of Mr. Öcalan.*”

*The PKK is a designated terror organisation in the European Union.

*Abdullah Öcalan is the leader of the PKK, currently imprisoned in Turkey.