Marxism and the Fall of the Ottoman Khilafah: The curious case of Alexander Israel Helphand

Alexander Parvus played a huge role in European, Russian & Ottoman history – but how many have heard of him?

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Sometimes called a real life James Bond and described by his biographer as the Merchant of Revolution and at various points in his life an Undesirable Eastern Immigrant in the heart of the West, Marxist Intellectual, Starving Journalist, Theater Producer, Millionaire (Billionaire in modern terms) Capitalist arms dealer, playboy, Revolutionary, Free Mason, White Color criminal unafraid of stealing from his own colleagues, Western Expatriate in the heart of the Islamic Khilafah, Shadowy Government Adviser, Secret agent trusted by neither his Revolutionary Colleagues nor his German employers and a major player in the first quarter of the twentieth century whose deeds continue to impact the modern world . Alexander Parvus was all that and more, but known to all who met him including one time friends and students as a scoundrel.

Born in the Russian Empire in 1867 in a Jewish family at birth he was named Israel

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