Trump, Sisi and Salman officially open the Saudi “counter-extremism” centre.

A snuffling, spluttering Donald Trump recently took to the stage to proclaim that he would transfer the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Slurring his words as he talked about “Ishrael” and the “United Shtatesh of America”, Trump still managed to find the nerve to punctuate disregard for the Muslim world with the hollow offer to join him in a quest for “peace-sh” on US terms.

Israel has long faced opposition to the move. While a huge segment of the American populace is strongly supportive of Israel, particularly evangelical Christians (Mike Pence included) the proposal has traditionally faced opposition from shrewd US politicians who would rather do what the US has always done – draw out the spluttering “peace process”, thereby giving Israel more time to gobble Palestinian land and present the Muslim world with a fait accompli.

In 1897, the Ottoman victory over Greece was turned into a diplomatic humiliation by the European powers. In 1917, the Zionists schemed with the British to establish the state of Israel, a “Jewish homeland”. Sultan Abdul-Hamid, who famously rebuffed Theodor Herzl’s offer of £150 million in exchange for Palestine, had already been dethroned in 1909 with Dönmeh support. The path was clear for the Jews to begin their subjugation of the land once WWII was over. In the Balfour declaration, England gave permission to Israel to form a Jewish state on Palestinian (Muslim) land.bh1lzoliuaawtjl

In 1947, Israel was founded. In 1967, Jerusalem fell in the 6 Day War. Now in  2017, Jerusalem has fallen even in name.

A realisation has finally set in among the majority of sane Muslims that the “peace process” is nothing but a cynical sham, a long drawn-out waltz between Israel, America and an out-of-touch, deeply unpopular Palestinian quisling state that cares more for protecting Israeli settlements than its own people.

But amid the outrage, demonstrations and tweets of solidarity, history has been forgotten and thereby we have failed to prepare for the woes of the future. The continuous long-term greed of the Zionist supremacists has been forgotten. It isn’t just Jerusalem they covet, but the Muslim world itself.

Not content with pacifying the Muslim nations by influencing or controlling weak and subservient rulers, Israel has begun slyly laying claim to lands outside of its own (already illegal) borders.

An article was recently published in the English version of Haaretz. The title itself is revealing: “Before Islam: When Saudi Arabia was a Jewish Kingdom“. The article painfully goes out of its way to convince readers that the supposed discovery of “the oldest-known pre-Islamic Arabic writing in Saudi Arabia, from circa 470 CE” had a “Christian and Jewish context”, and thus the Arabian peninsula was originally Jewish – and thus belongs to the current state of Israel.

The report painstakingly tries to discredit Islamic history itself, claiming the supposed discovery was “something of an embarrassment to some” and deliberately done “quietly” in order not to offend any Muslims; the implication being that all of Islamic history is thus false – an obvious lie, but a lie with an agenda.

Were there ancient communities of Jews in the Arabian peninsula? Of course. Does it mean you can slyly claim that their presence invalidates Islam? Of course not! If you remember, Allah سبحانه و تعالى sent a succession of messengers, including to the Jews. Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم is the final messenger, and the Qur’an is the final message, the others abrogated. “I was here first” is hardly an argument, nor does it render valid abrogated messages that were changed and corrupted over time by their recipients.

But Israel is hardly working from a theological perspective, but a secular perspective. If Jews were there first, for them, that means the land is theirs. No compromise. For Muslims, the implication should be nothing short of chilling.

Let’s think back: Israel was founded on the basis that the Jews populated Palestine before Muslims, thus they claimed it was the inherent right of the settlers to uproot and slaughter the Muslims. By implying that Jews were in Arabia before Muslims, Israel is now trying to claim the Arabian peninsula – which contains Mecca and Medina – as their “promised land” too.

The Zionist ideal implicitly states that the movement’s goal is to unify all the Jewish people into one, homogeneous, greater homeland. Saudi Arabia, according to them, was a “Jewish kingdom” *and thus should be once more). The logical conclusion is to assimilate it into Israel, using every means at their disposal. Diplomatic and cultural influence, subversion, economic ties and war, if necessary – as 1948 has shown.

The path to taking over Mecca and Medina starts in Jerusalem. The Zionists will not be content with controlling merely their small yet homogeneous lands. Like their Nazi foes, they want lebensraum. Or, to put it in kosher terms, “greater Israel”, as seen in the objectives of the so-called Yinon Plan (see below).

Israel’s proposed boundaries according to the Israeli Yinon Plan, a plan reportedly taken up by the Bush administration and its successors. The plan reportedly motivated the launch of the Iraq and Afghan wars (and many others).

Jared Kushner, an Orthodox Jew, is the man in charge of bringing “peace” to the Middle East. Mohammed Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, is a close friend of Kushner. Salman is currently trying to push through his Saudi Arabia 2030 reform package. It has involved abolishing the religious police, establishing cinemas which will ultimately show western movies, restricting hijab rules and legalising music and free mixing. He consulted closely with Kushner in secret before launching mass arrests and legal purge that kicked off his plan.

All of this weakens Saudi Arabia’s Islamic character and integrates the kingdom more closely into the globalist monoculture. This leaves Saudi culture open to being weakened from within by moral subversion, a common Zionist practice to undermine the strength and character of a nation for gain (see Nathan Abrams’ work on why Zionists promote pornographic content).

It doesn’t stop there either; Haaretz continues to pump out similar material. A recent headline (see below) openly talks of how Lebanon and Jordan should (in their eyes) belong to the Jews too.


Israel may not currently have military control over Saudi lands, but the kingdom has acted as little better than a satrap. Israel and America hold sway in Saudi Arabia to the extent that Rex Tillerson was able to confidently state that his government had instructed Saudi Arabia to get rid of “Wahhabi textbooks” and train imams in “moderate Islam” and countering “extreme Muslim messaging”. The agenda is barely hidden.

The dilution of Islam and its positing as a vague, non-binding, token faith without any real red lines in the manner of today’s Christianity has been in full swing for some time. Now it manifests itself much more openly and shamelessly.

In Bin Salman’s “Islam”, anyone is a Muslim, even if he rubbishes the fundamental tenets of the religion or sees them as inferior to nihilist practices. He is attempting to erase Islam as communal faith and turn Saudi Arabia into some sort of Arab California. There’s a reason Kushner is so besotted.


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