The Cyprus issue is bound to be one that will turn heads in either anger or support. For some background, in 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus after attempts by the (Greek) Cypriot government to unify with Greece, and in the process form a government that wholly excluded the (largely nominally, since the 1920s) Muslim Turkish Cypriots. This effort included massacres of the Muslim Turkish Cypriot population.

The Turkish invasion, Operation Attila, was launched on 20 July 1974, following a coup in Cyprus. The coup, ordered by the military dictatorship in Greece (which supported the Greek Christian Cypriot side) and staged by the Greek-dominated National Guard, deposed Cypriot president Archbishop Makarios III and installed the pro-union and fanatically anti-Muslim, anti-Turkish ruler Nikos Sampson.

There had been well over a decade of anti-Muslim violence by Greek Christian forces in Cyprus prior to the invasion. The Greek Cypriot leadership thought the rights given to Turkish Cypriots under the 1960 constitution had gone too far; they should be assimilated & subjugated. In response, they had designed the Akritas plan which aimed to change the constitution in favour of of Greek Cypriots, persuading the world powers to accept this, and violently subdue the Turkish Cypriot civilian population if they didn’t comply.

After further disagreements and skirmishes erupted in 1963, 109 Turkish Cypriot or mixed villages were obliterated and 25,000–30,000 Turkish Cypriots were ethnically cleansed in what The Daily Telegraph called an “anti-Turkish pogrom”. On 2 July 1974, Makarios himself complained to the Greek military dictatorship of Greece’s blatant interference in his affairs – Greece’s response was to launch the coup on the 15 July, and Turkey invaded on the 20 July to protect the Turkish Cypriot population.

After two military operations that year (and further massacres of Turkish Cypriots by Greek fascist groups) 40% of Cyprus fell into Turkish hands and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was declared in 1983.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Historical Background

Cyprus fell under the domain of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century and remained in their hands until the 19th, when Britain took control after the Congress of Berlin in 1878, formerly annexing Cyprus (together with Egypt and Sudan) illegally from the Ottomans in November 1914, up until the end of colonial Cyprus in 1960.

Britain applied the principle of “divide and rule”, deliberately pitting Muslims and Christians against each other in order to prevent them uniting in common cause against the colonisers. Greek and Turkish nationalism didn’t help either; the Greek junta that came to power in 1967 strongly promoted ultranationalism, while Turkish nationalism flowered after  Atatürk took power, deliberately indoctrinating Turkish Cypriots with secularism (laicism) and nationalism to eliminate Islam’s role in everyday life. Eventually the community largely identified as more Turk than Muslim – and Islam forbids nationalism, for very good reasons.

In the early fifties a Greek nationalist/fascist group formed called the Ethniki Organosis Kyprion Agoniston (EOKA, “National Organisation of Cypriot Fighters”). Their objective was to drive the British out, then unify with Greece. They deliberately targeted and killedc Turkish Cypriots in order to provoke anti-Greek riots and create strife that they could use to their advantage. The group was massively destructive, and supported by Greece throughout.

A combination of cancerous nationalism, colonialism and fascism resulted in massacres and forced Turkey’s hand. Since the declaration of independence in the north, the world has almost unanimously condemned the north and claimed independence to be “illegal”.

The untouched beauty of Cyprus, seen here in the north.

Re-Unification: On Whose Terms?

Negotiations have been ongoing to re-unify the country under a power-sharing government, but is it really worth it. Or more accurately, should it be attempted?

The simple answer: of course not.

When Turkish Cypriots fell under them mercy of the Greek Christians, massacres, sectarianism and disenfranchisement were the result. If Muslims anywhere (and especially Turkish Muslims today, given the world’s hatred of Turkey due to the slow Islamic awakening) let non-Muslim powers gain the upper hand over them, one of several scenarios always happens – massacres, outward hostility, hostile surveillance (see Prevent in the UK) or attempts to destroy Islam and dilute it from within (“moderate Islam”) to subjugate the ruins of the population – this happens worldwide, from the west to the secular western-backed puppet regimes in the east.

Cyprus 1.png

When a “peace plan” (albeit an insincere one) was put forward by the world powers, it wasn’t the Turkish Cypriots who rejected it – it was the Greeks. Re-unification for them will be on their terms or not at all – unless Muslims (and most Turkish Cypriots are just nominally Muslim, although this is changing) act first.

Every religious or political following believes their path is correct, wants their world view implemented and want to have dominance. The more you love something, the more you will hate its opposite.

The more a Muslim loves Allah’s religion, Islam, the more he will hate polytheism. The more a Christian loves polytheism, the more he will hate its monotheist alternative (Islam). It’s why Muslims living under non-Muslim governments is a terrible idea; these authorities inherently want Islam either gone altogether or reduced to a husk so their world view isn’t threatened. Al-wala’ wal-bara’ is essential to a Muslim for this very reason.

Greece today is the same nation that supplies arms to the PKK as it engages in terrorism in Turkey. Greece today is the same Greece denying Thracian Muslims their rights to the extent that they can’t choose their leaders. Unification of Cyprus on Greece’s terms would require a majority-Greek Cypriot government – and it would almost certainly be controlled or influenced from Greece.

Even if you want to put all my previous points were put aside Muslims want to be controlled by a country in which Golden Dawn is at least 10% of the electorate?

Golden Dawn rally. The pro-Hitler partly has mourned the fact that Hitler didn’t triumph, even after he invaded Greece in 1941.

If there is to be re-unification, it must be on Muslim terms, and it will only happen when Muslim Cyprus throws off the yoke of Atatürkist secularism – and Turkey too, for that matter.

The Islamic awakening in Turkey has reached Cyprus too; new mosques are going up everywhere, religious education is on the rise and, when the time is right and when Islam is dominant over Anatolia, then we can seek re-unification – on Muslim terms, in which no person will be harmed on the basis of nationalism, skin colour or unwillingness to accept a religion or way of life.

For those supporting the western-backed “peace” plan, remember who is backing it – countries like Britain and America, which backed and supported the Greeks and the Greek Cypriots, and which today support the PKK terrorist organisation and those same governments.

They call the defence of the Turkish Cypriots an “illegal occupation”.

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