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Trump isn’t Firing Globalists, He’s Hiring Them

Trump recently dismissed Gary Cohn, his top economic adviser. Cohn had long disagreed with Trump,  from issues such as his muted response to the “Unite the Right” violence waged in his name to steel tariffs. Shortly after Cohn was fired, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was gone too.

Tillerson had done himself few favours either. Allegations sprang up that he had called his boss a “moron” after enduring his tantrums, accusations that Tillerson did not deny. Tillerson had seemed a secure fit in office at first, confidently bragging that he was instrumental in getting Saudi Arabia to get rid of “Wahhabi textbooks” and embrace “moderate Islam” instead. Now he’s out too, as is the FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe – fired days before his retirement, in typical Trump style.

For the collection of Nazis, neo-Confederates and racists known as the “alt-right”, this news was thrilling. Trump was finally getting rid of “globalists” like Cohn – a term that not only refers to those who support globalization (increased cultural, economic and trade-based interconnectedness worldwide, which eventually results in the nations involved resembling the United States, both morally and economically) but to Zionist Jewish figures with a stranglehold over all aspects of government, from foreign policy to the Federal Reserve.


When Trump openly called Cohn a “globalist”, they went haywire. David Duke was practically dancing a jig in glee. But as usual, the morons can’t see past the end of their noses. Trump isn’t firing the “globalists”, he’s replacing them with (more) globalists.

Tillerson (a former oil baron) and Cohn (an investment banker) may be gone, but that’s not the whole story. Trump is currently trying to push Mike Pompeo into the post of Secretary of State. Pompeo is currently serving as CIA Director. Not only that, but Pompeo is a strong supporter of Israel and the puppet regimes of the Middle East, ardent Evangelist (the Christian denomination that slavishly puts Jews first, believing them to be “God’s chosen people”), “Christian Zionist” and loather of Islam.

Pompeo stands with Nikki Haley and former UN Ambassador John Bolton (neither of whom have been dismissed) as one of the biggest neoconservative war-hawks in the establishment; he not only supports the military campaigns in the Middle East, but insists America stick to its ardently pro-Israel positions.

It gets worse for those claiming Trump has finally seen the light and is waging war on the globalists – his CIA nominee is Gina Haspel, who ran one of many infamous CIA “black sites” (where prisoners are extra-judicially tortured and tormented) in Thailand. In fact, so much credible evidence has stacked up against her that she has been branded an international war criminal.

One suspect who crossed her path, Abu Zubaydah, was, according to The New Yorker, “tortured so brutally that at one point he appeared to be dead” after CIA agents waterboarded him 83 times (to simulate the effects of drowning) and violently slammed him into walls. The other, Abd al Rahim al-Nashiri, was tortured with her involvement in 2002 and is still rotting in Guantanamo Bay.

The 92 tapes showing the evidence were summarily destroyed in 2005, when Haspel became worried that they may come back to haunt her in the future. In fact, her name was on the cable ordering underlings to destroy them.

Trump, according to some sources, also has his eyes on removing Gen. McMaster, National Security Advisor. Word has even been spread that Gen. Mattis and Gen. Kelly plan to elegantly force McMaster out by appointing him to lead US occupation forces in Afghanistan or South Korea. Another globalist still keeping his job is Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, a Zionist who once worked for Goldman Sachs.

McMaster, Kelly & Mattis have traditionally been seen as stoppers on Trump’s incoherent, flailing actions – this is in spite of the fact that under their tenure, as many as 40,000 civilians may have been massacred in Mosul alone by coalition forces. If this is moderation, I dread to see what Trump unshackled would look like. With the neocons sliding back into power (power which they arguably never left) we may soon see.


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