Lessons of the Trump-Kim Meeting

Trump and Kim’s meeting is a lesson to the Muslim world. Indeed, it’s a lesson for all of us. What does it show us?

It shows us that the world’s supposed focus on “human rights” is a complete and utter illusion and in terms of respect, safety from external aggressors and independence, they count for absolutely nothing.

Before you get click off this piece in disgust, think carefully. Whining to the UN from a position of weakness about how your “human rights” are being violated as an external power rapes and destroys you is nonsensical. Why? Because “human rights” are not only a man-made invention, but an invention cynically crafted by the major world powers after the Second World War as a tool to project their external interests abroad.

When a government in some part of the world becomes too uppity? Simply cite “human rights” and remove it by force (while continuing to hypocritically back much worse tyrannies, such as the Pinochet regime or the Aliyev clique).

Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt. For all their rhetoric about “human rights”, these two great men of democracy had no reservations about befriending Stalin, a butcher of millions who once deported the whole population of Chechnya to Siberia to freeze to death.

Are we really to believe that the powers that deliberately dropped incendiary bombs on Hamburg to start a tornado of fire that agonisingly shrivelled 42,000 men, women and children to death are respecters of “human rights”? The rapists of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Syria?

Dear Muslims constantly saying “But the security council…”: Whinging about non-existent “human rights” to the very people who care nothing for them. Will. Get. You. Nowhere. Mumbling about wanting salvation from the very people oppressing you is ridiculous. Part of getting respect is showing a firmness of character, a clenched fist and a willingness to fight and use force to keep yourself safe. The strong do not get oppressed.

The key is not to start caring about what international governments say about you when you stick to what you believe, to care nothing about their hypocritical ramblings and dig in firmly.

It may seem scary, it may seem worrying, and they may rattle their sabres at you, but showing a clenched fist and building up a ferocious military arsenal (including nuclear weapons) is the only true way to keep the wolves at bay today. I want to give the example of North Korea because although the North has a repulsive regime, there is a lesson to be learned. The North defied western complaining and sabre-rattling for decades despite severe hardships, building up its forces and caring nothing for external opinions and now  Kim Jong-un is respectably meeting with the President of the United States with the flag of his Communist hellhole placed alongside the flag of America(!) in equal size & proportion.

Admittedly, North Korea is a poor example in many ways, so let’s go even further back: did the Ottomans conquer a huge portion of Europe and Asia by caring what their enemies said about them? Did the Mehmed II take Constantinople by being overly concerned about hurting the feelings of a few Byzantine peasants?

Stop begging for acceptance from those who will always hate you for who you are. Make a stand before you get trodden on.