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For Jason Kessler, Unite the Right 2 is A Desperate Move

Jason Kessler feels he has nothing to lose.

Jason Kessler’s career in white nationalism has hardly been a roaring success. He was the organiser of the notorious Unite the Right rally in August of 2017 in Charlottesville. The rally was an attempt to unite the mainstream right-wing behind the more radical alt-right – ethno-nationalists who believe races should be kept apart and advocate a partially or exclusively all-white America (or beyond) via “peaceful ethnic cleansing”.

Kessler failed to attract many rightists, for whom his cause was already disreputable. Despite Kessler, Spencer and other organisers furiously trying to get their young, teenage followers to come out into the streets, they had to resort to filling the relatively thin ranks of the 1600 people who turned up with traditional white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups such as the League of the South (which wants all mosques in the south demolished) and the National Socialist Movement.

This attempt to compensate would prove politically fatal for Kessler.

The crowds who turned up were openly brandishing Nazi symbols such as swastikas, black sun symbols, National Socialist (yep, Nazi again) propaganda and more, resulting in the majority of Americans being appalled. Chants of “Gas the kikes, race war now!” only made things worse, as did chants of “Heil Trump!” and the rioting that broke out. Then a neo-Nazi rammed a crowd with his car, killing a woman. Kessler attempted a press conference and nearly ended up lynched.

Bitter at being criticised by several of his white nationalist allies (and reportedly with death threats streaming in and cars menacingly passing his house) Kessler, by his own admission, then took too much ambien after drinking alcohol and tweeted something he ended up bitterly regretting:

To add insult to injury the attached link was to an article on the Daily Stormer, an infamous neo-Nazi “news” website calling for the genocide of Jews, Muslims, black people and others – which described the victim as a “childless 32-year-old slut”.

Denounciations poured in from both allies as well as Kessler’s many, many opponents. When he woke up Kessler found himself inundated with a barrage of rejection and disapproval, his attempt at repudiating his tweet by blaming xanax and ambien completely unsuccessful. His rally fell apart and resulted in the death of the alt-right and his own pariah status in his own fringe community. Even today he complains that its key leaders won’t even retweet him.

This new rally in Washington D.C. is Kessler’s belated attempt to claw back some credibility. Regardless of his claims that he’s doing it purely for his cause, Kessler (who liked a tweet containing a quote from Daily Stormer ‘man on the ground’ Robert Ray which described their opponents as “Jewish communists and criminal ni**ers”) is doing this for himself, to prove to the world that he’s not a complete neo-Nazi failure incapable of organising things (he’s banned swastikas this time).

It’shard to see how he’ll achieve this. His crowd is expected to be a mere 400 people at best.* White supremacist leaders have disavowed him once again (not wanting to repeat the disaster) and others are terrified of going for fear that their faces will end up recognised and their lives ruined – as happened with many Charlottesville attendees.

Kessler has reportedly invited former KKK leader David Duke and neo-Nazi congressional candidate Paul Nehlen (who has called for airstrikes on European Muslim communities). Not the smartest move in the world. Plus, this time it’s in front of the White House, of all places. Not the smartest move.

Is explicit anti-white racism now condoned? Yes. Has Cultural Marxism been widely introduced into the western education system? Yes. But the solution is not to segregate people based on race; the solution is to embrace the truth – Islam – and by so doing fiercely repudiate modernity, postmodernity, and all forms of nihilism and hedonism. What people believe counts, not their skin colour. As a Caucasian let me tell you, a black believer (Muslim) who commits sins and transgressions while recognising how inherently wrong they are is infinitely dearer to me than some white kafir who believes in nothing and imagines he’s virtuous by mere virtue of his race.

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