Diseases of the Heart Islam

The Era of Ingratitude

I heard a story that shocked me recently. In KSA, a man who prays regularly in a masjid there (but is westernised, as many are) openly told someone there: “I fear Allah, but I don’t love Him.” Can you imagine that? The response from the person was to remind him to fear Allah and to ask him how he could say that. The man’s response basically was that he feared Allah’s Jahannum (Hellfire) but had no love for Allah in his heart!

W’Allahi this story had me really shocked. This person is completely and utterly stupid! Imagine if, say, you dropped $10,000 of your life savings on the ground as you were walking, which you needed to survive otherwise your family would starve to death, and somebody – a mere mortal – came up to you and returned it to you.

Think about that for a second. You would want to thank them, be good to them, praise them to others etc.  Yet ALLAH, the Lord of the Universe, Powerful and Great beyond even our comprehension, gives you the very air you breathe, the family you love, the roof you sleep in, the food in your stomach AND the promise of eternal life in Jannah if you obey Him and avoid shirk and kufr, yet you’re not grateful and even brag about that? Subhan Allah. May Allah save us from nifaq and ingratitute, ameen.

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