Why the ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Are Good News For Us

The gilets jaunes, or yellow vests, movement has shaken up France dramatically over the past few weeks. What were initially protests against a new fuel tax by Macron have snowballed into all-out anti-government protests by nationalists, socialists, liberals, fascists and pretty much everyone else inbetween, many of whom now want the downfall of Macron.

Make no mistake, as Muslims we do not support the aims of the protesters as such (and indeed, no true dissident who truly fights the system would, regardless of his faith). Why?

Their ultimate aim is not to totally throw out the whole globalist puppet system, specifically the democratic system in France and those who control it. It isn’t a movement to get rid of the banking elite, the military clique, the political class or the Masons. These people are either democrats or believers in man-made law in one form or another. If they win they will probably just swap one new government for another via so-called ‘democracy’ – which is, of course, a sham.

Should they manage to get rid of Macron they’ll all too likely just change the figurehead while leaving the system intact. Nothing would thus change – the new leader would give them the illusion of listening and they’d all just go home.

It goes without saying that democracy is a baseless man-made system. It’s a competition between two globalist puppets, each backed by big money and corporate interests. Both are under the control of the financial elite and both have no real power, they merely compete with each other as instructed to see which can deceive the most people with their honeyed words and who will thus inevitably sit on the throne with the proud facade of being in charge – when in reality the financial elite control them via their purse strings. We don’t support democracy, we don’t support the globalist banking system and we don’t support any of these governments, be they so-called Muslim governments, European governments or any besides.

However, these protests are useful, simply because they upset the established globalist order and encourage further instability in the globalist-puppet nations, all of them artificially-created secular nation states built on the rot of 18th century Masonic liberalism. These protests destabilise these regimes and hamper their ability to control people at home while waging war on the innocent abroad. This works to the advantage of true dissidents – those who would never dirty their palms by even shaking hands with a servant of the system.

All over the world we see protests, strikes, riots and upheaval – everywhere the globalist system is staggering as if blissfully drunk, unaware that the hangover will be both terrible because the whole system is built on nothingness. Not only is it built on hedonistic so-called ideals, but also built on contemporary usury, the meaningless shifting around of figures on computer screens, figures which have no meaning as currency because they don’t exist in real life as the gold standard once did.

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The whole system is built on robbing and stealing from billions under the guise of helpful loans; the creation and constant manipulation of figures out of thin air and the feeble illusion of a prosperous financial system. Every nation is billions in debt as the banking elite deliberately doesn’t print enough money to pay this debt off, deliberately ensuring that every world government is enslaved to its debt and thus under their control. This illusion of prosperity cannot continue for long.

Even if we don’t support these movements as such, we hope and pray that they will contribute greatly to the shaking up and the destruction of the whole globalist system.

The French, as we have seen in Algeria, Afghanistan and Mali, have constantly waged wars on other peoples and other heritages completely unapologetically. The same elite that slaughtered millions of Algerians and bombs Afghan children is still around today, either in person or in the form of the children of these monsters continuing to exercise power. France was, and still is, a key incubator of the 18th century liberalism that we’re still suffering from today, and the poison it created worldwide. As we all suffered from the revolution of 1789, we’re suffering from the postmodernity of today. The collapse of such a puppet state in its entirety is to the advantage of everyone who sincerely wants the downfall of globalism, Muslim and non-Muslim.

On Friday the French retail federation claimed retailers had lost about 1bn euros ($1.1bn; £900m) since the protests first began on 17 November. It also seems that the restaurant trade had declined by between 20% and 50%. All this movement needs to do is press on.

Jews 4
A headline from 2016.

The globalist system is falling to bits in front of our eyes. We see fights between once fraternal globalist puppet states as well as these states being drained and exhausted by the failure of their constant wars of aggression against the Muslim world. In France, rising prices due to the unsustainable system caused a 23% rise in fuel costs over the past 12 months – resulting in Macron’s imposing the recent tax increase that actually caused these protests. This is how the system eats itself.

We also see the cycle of degeneracy whirl faster into the abyss. A system in which several percentage points of the population need to be drugged to the hilt just to cope with wage slavery is a doomed. They create the sicknesses then sell us the (temporary) cure. The only true cure is remembrance of Allah.

We should hope that these events escalate, not cease. Those constantly bemoaning the collapse of their beloved ‘international system’ as a threat to peace should realise that the collapse of the system is the way to peace. Why would you want the corrupt order of empty nothingness, predator drones, genocidal mechanised warfare and all-round sexual depravity to survive? What sort of ‘peace’ did the turbulent election of Trump and the rise of the yellow vests allegedly disturb? Hundreds of millions of dead bear testimony to the need to do away with this entire decaying cesspit of injustice.