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The Democrats’ 2020 “Challengers” Are Abysmal

Despite vowing to defeat Trump in 2020, the Democrats have hardly made a good job of putting up plausible candidates. Much like Hillary Clinton in 2016, all of them seem like phoneys; all of them seem like they’re trying to “fit in” with the “diversity” fad – in which looking different but thinking identically is seen as some sort of virtue.

Elizabeth Warren, notorious for wanting to get “minority” support by playing down her own race (to the extent that she touts herself as something like 0.0001% Native American) went on Instagram in front of fans and pretended to casually crack open a beer as if she were a “normal” American, giving a bizarre running commentary on the drinking of said beer while sipping it with a wooden, slightly inhuman motion that made one think she couldn’t have looked phonier if she tried.

Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris released boring, mediocre, forgettable videos online full of the same old talking points – “defeat Dotard Blumpf, diversity and equality, stand together against a nation against racism” (which is apparently the biggest evil facing the planet somehow), blah blah blah. They then decided to cement their strategies by appearing on mind-numbingly dull talk shows to trot out the same rubbish.

Cory Booker announced he was stepping into the race – not with any revolutionary ideas or anything particularly unique to bring to the table, but purely because he wants to “restore some civic grace” to American politics. In other words, the droning of children will go on, the endless wars against Israel’s regional enemies will go on, Guantanamo will go on and the illegal occupation of Muslim lands and the backing of all kinds of odious puppet regimes will go on – it will just be done with a nice big smile, à la Obama.

Oh, and the aforementioned Hillary Clinton – whose phoney smiles and cringeworthy attempts to appeal to the young (“‘Pokemon Go!’ to the polls!”) tanked the Democrats in 2016 – may be running again. Don’t get me started on “Uncle Joe” Biden, known to creep on the young daughters of fellow politicians in front of the camera.

Now, I detest democracy and I am no friend to either party – democracy is a charade, the real power lies with the banking and corporate elites behind the scenes, who control the supposedly “vying” candidates like puppets and ensure that the real elite and the satanic agenda (see above) will never change at all. The media is the voice of this financial elite and dances to their tune without question.

Trump, for all his anti-establishment rhetoric, is part of that. A pathetic puppet who was put up as a piece of controlled opposition to deceive voters and direct their anti-establishment anger back into the system. As president he has no real power – as seen by how little has changed, some edgy tweets and some “triggered” Zionist media outlets aside.

However, he is perceived as having (even if it’s all a lie, the perception matters) what Democratic candidates – with their false smiles, endless talk of “diversity” (yet inability to accept actual diverse opinions that don’t fit consumerist hedonism) and inability to come up with any policies bar the vague notion of a skinny-jeans, Starbucks “resistance” to Donald “literally Hitler” Trump – don’t have: a perverse form of sincerity.

Because Trump is unashamedly vulgar, because he openly states that he’ll kill Muslims (which other politicians would rather he put in polite terms as Obama did so as not to reflect badly on the American empire) and because he openly scorns his opponents in the most dismissive rhetoric imaginable, he’s seen as “honest”, as “connecting with the people” because he appeals to the base desires of untold millions of ignorant, brain dead boomers and their detestable little brats. In the words of Larry Weitzner, the lead ad-maker on President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, Trump does well because Americans today don’t like “poll-tested platitudes, flowery talking points, and boring, conventional political speeches”:

Trump matches the energy of his supporters. His fundamental understanding that voters are effectively done with conventional politicians enables him to capture their attention and imagination like few American politicians ever before. It’s a massive advantage he has maintained against his political opponents and will continue to maintain against the Democrats heading into 2020.

Voters can smell a phony a mile away, and the 2020 Democrats’ cringeworthy attempts to appear “authentic” stink to high heaven. As for “exploratory committees” and “book tours,” well, sorry but it’s not 1996 anymore. These days, attention spans are a minute long and entire news cycles are only slightly longer; with every politician under the sun running for president, the competition for voters’ attention is fierce and the old tricks simply won’t cut it.

There’s no squashing back down what the Trump campaign of 2016 unleashed. People don’t want bigotry and imperialism with a nice smile anymore. They want it with a vulgar, boorish sneer and a good dose of “populism” to wash it all down.

All the Democrats can do is whinge about vague, hollow talking points nobody cares about and few actually want to listen to. Nobody wants to *rolls eyes* “stand together as Americans” to preserve the rotten status quo, purely because *shock horror* “Trump might be a “rayyy-cizt” (Or worse, a “white syew-preeemist”…) Nobody knows what “diversity” means, beyond “Support “diversity” or lose your job for ‘misgendering’ a man in a dress” and/or “Open borders for everyone except Israel!”

Trump is a fraud and a puppet of the globalist elite. He’s as false, detestable and fraudulent as the detestable democratic system that put him into place. But this hideous orange dullard understands how to play this filthy game better than any of the faceless, useless slime he may well end up running against.

– Silahdar

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