20180217_192042 (1).jpgI have qualifications in history, politics and classical studies. In 2015 I gained a double-major degree in history and politics. Since 2011 (first as a secularist, from 2011-2015, then as a Muslim from 2015-onward) I have been writing about contemporary issues, historical issues etc. My work has been featured in UPI and other sites, and thankfully even helped to get a war criminal prosecuted in Sweden. I advised a Swedish journalist on work tracking down such people from 2015 onward.

My journey into writing began in 2011, when I began to write about world events in class breaks. In 2012 I was invited to join Radio Free Syria as a writer, working in the country for a short period in 2013 and semi-engaging myself in the world of journalism from then on.

In August 2014 I left Radio Free Syria, becoming independent. By this time the Syrian revolution had become an Islamic rising, calling for Islamic governance and a rejection of the Kemal-style governance advocated by the FSA. By then, the FSA had (from personal experience) degenerated into gangs of warlords and sincere Islamic groups had gained ground once Syria’s population began to reassert their natural affinity for Islam.

Radio Free Syria unfortunately displayed an inferiority complex towards the western world view, presenting legitimate wishes of Syrian Muslims to govern their society to be the demands of “Islamists” – a buzzword oft employed to deny Muslims that adhere to all aspects of their faith agency. Islam covers everything from prayer, charity and business to shari’ah – a manner of governance totally different from the Westphalian nation-state, specifically created in a futile effort to push God (Allah) from day-to-day affairs. To pick parts of Islam and reject others (as many FSA groups had done, and what remains of them largely still does) is rank hypocrisy and I didn’t want to be part of the futile yet cynical effort to twist or deform Allah’s religion to fit secular agendas.

I nominally became Muslim in 2013. However, once I embraced Islam in its entirety and sincerely reverted to Islam in 2015, I fully rejected secularist hedonism and attempts to replace Syria’s (and indeed, the world’s) rich history and traditions with nihilism in the manner of today’s postmodernists.

In October 2015 I worked in Turkey as an English language spokesman for the Salam Organisation (which assists Syrian refugees). I lived among refugees and reported from Reyhanli, before being attacked and deported by the displeased Turkish police.

It was also in 2015 that I embarked on my most ambitious project – documenting the huge numbers of Iran/Assad-aligned war criminals, militants and terror cells that flooded Europe, hiding among crowds of legitimate refugees. Another prime focus of mine is the anti-Muslim genocide in Myanmar. I have begun devoting attention to American politics (especially Donald Trump) and will continue to do so. I also discuss mass migration, terrorism and other issues.

I’m currently writing a book on the life of Romanian leader Ion Antonescu. I’ll keep posting updates on here in shaa Allah.


  1. I will thank you for your work for Syria I lif in Germany if you have pics of soldier of bashar our else please send it to my I will go strait to the police who have to deal with those dogs


  2. I would appreciate if the people were organised in categories such as countries of current location. I am a language teacher for refugees(I prefer to stay anonymous). Now and then, I come across students who seem dodgy about their background(Syrians included). I would like to view people who are only residing in my country.

    And keep in mind, all information I have about the students I mentioned is that they “seem dodgy”.


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