CAGE Director Loses Privacy Case #WeAreAllRabbani

CAGE director Muhammad Rabbani has lost his legal case in his effort to protect the confidential data of a survivor of torture. Rabbani, from London, leads the advocacy group CAGE in investigating torture and abuse cases. He was stopped at Heathrow in November 2016 as he returned from the Gulf where he had been investigating […]

Muslim-Christian Relations: Unrequited Tolerance

  It’s something I hear over and over from Christian women living in the west: “I’m not supposed to marry outside of my religion!” This happens again and again when the issue of marrying outside of Christianity (and especially Muslim men) comes up. I am amazed at this attitude. Firstly, would be so heinously wrong […]

Da’esh Share the Blame for Muslim Suffering

As anyone who follows the news can clearly see, it isn’t going down well for the self-styled “Islamic State”. Having once held 1/3 of Iraq and 50% of Syria, their territory has shrunk dramatically since 2014. World powers have capitalised on their bloody rise to unite against them in unison with unsavoury regimes and groups, […]

The Abuse of the Ahl al-Bayt by the Faux-‘Resistance’

Since the inception of the ‘resistance’ adopted by Iran since the 1979 revolution, and its regional proxies (the Assad regime in Syria, and Hezbollah in Lebanon) against Israel and the west (supposedly), the regional alliance calling itself the ‘Resistance Axis’ (Iran, Syria, Hezbollah) has long utilised a sectarian narrative to fall back upon in the quest […]

Assad Approves New Chemical Attack on Jobar at Meeting With Top Security Officials, IRG: Report

Originally posted on Radio Free Syria:
By Walid al-Ghanim  08-04-2014: The Assad regime is reportedly planning another chemical weapons attack on the East Ghouta region of Damascus province in the near future, specifically on Jobar, according to a report from a credible regime insider who leaked information on the planned attack to the FSA.  The…

Notable Syrian Activsts Surrender to the Regime in a “Deal”

This post was directly put out via Qusai Zakarya’s managers at his Facebook page, blog, etc. Qusai, alongside other notable activists, has turned himself in to the Assad regime, a selfless act in an attempt to save the lives of the starving people of Moadamiya. Their lives are now directly in danger, as he is utterly at the […]